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All caregivers of children receiving support from Chiedza Child Care Centre are trained on the mobilization of savings as groups and the use of these savings by group members as a source of capital from which internal loans will be given to members. Each group is expected to have a minimum of 5 members, who should be trained on the following modules: individual self screening, group leadership, constitution, group fund development and record keeping.

After this training groups that have been saving regularly for a minimum of 6 months and have clearly met some pre-developed benchmarks are then trained in business idea generation and Selection, Planning and Management of income generating activities (SPM). Groups or individuals that continuously save with minimal conflict for a year and show maturity are graduated and given start up kits. The groups are requested to write proposals on the type of of Income Generating Activities (IGA) that they would like to do.  

The organisation procures the kits for the caregivers, monitors and provides technical support. The ISAL methodology is a sustainable strategy as caregivers will be able to to continuously save and meet their children’s school, health and nutrition needs when the projects come to an end.


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As part of our sustainability and exit strategy for our programs, caregivers of children we support are engaged in economic empowerment initiatives which are aimed at increasing household income so that they can be cater for their children’s needs.


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