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Chiedza Child Care Centre (CCCC) is local non-governmental organisation which is registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social welfare.  It was registered in 2003 and its registration number is PVO 16/2003. Its offices are situated in Ardbennie, Harare, Zimbabwe at number 37 Strachan Road. CCCC is operating in Harare South and Zvimba district under the four key thematic areas.

Thematic Areas


Services provided include, direct school fees payment, inclusive education, part-time continuing education, out of school study group, sports development and early childhood development.

Client Communities

In pursuit of its vision, Chiedza Child Care Centre carefully identified its client communities having studied the nature of vulnerability among children. The list below forms the current six client communities identified by CCCC;

Any child below the age of 18 who is vulnerable
Children who are out of school.
Children living with HIV and exposed
Children with disabilities
Abused Children and those at risk
Caregivers of OVC Supported by CCCC programs

Discover what’s possible when a community works together.

As part of our sustainability and exit strategy for our programs, caregivers of children we support are engaged in economic empowerment initiatives which are aimed at increasing household income so that they can be cater for their children’s needs.


37 Strachan Street, Ardbennie, Harare, Zimbabwe
+263 772 189 797

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