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Paediatric HIV

Paediatric HIV programs focus on provision of quality HIV service delivery through a continuum of care model from 0 -19 years. The Early Childhood Stimulation programme reaches out to HIV exposed infants between the ages of 0-5 years where their psychomotor and cognitive capacity is developed through the program activities. In this program,  HIV positive mothers go through an 18 session module that equips them with knowledge of the importance of accessing health services to prevent disease occurrence in their children as well as themselves, child stimulation through play and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. Mothers are also involved in economic strengthening activities to improve their capacity to provide basic needs for their children. General identification of the paediatric HIV cases in the community is through index testing. Index testing helps identify children according to their vulnerability status in HIV risk groups like orphaned children. Collaboration with primary health clinics allows for access to HIV testing services as well as treatment initiation for those who test positive. These children are encouraged to join clinic based age-appropriate support groups which are held on a monthly basis. These support groups provide the children with in depth knowledge about HIV through play, short films and games. Support is also provided in the form of bus-fares for children to access health services (ART resupply).

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As part of our sustainability and exit strategy for our programs, caregivers of children we support are engaged in economic empowerment initiatives which are aimed at increasing household income so that they can be cater for their children’s needs.


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